Church of the Ascension is passionate about the community it serves and the people who make it a beacon of hope and love for those around us. Giving to the Church makes it possible to be that beacon, though food, clothing and other ministries.

Yearly Pledge

Each year in October we prepare our budget for the following year and we ask each parishioner to fill out a pledge card to let us know how much they anticipate giving in the following year.  This pledged income is used for the running of the parish--it pays for regular building maintenance, salaries, insurance, diocesan apportionment...everything listed in our published budget.

Capital Projects 

As our parish grows and changes, our needs change and our buildings need to be upgraded and repaired on a regular basis.  In 2016-2017 we will be making our facility handicapped accessible by adding a lift to take parishioners who are in wheel chairs or have difficulty navigating the stairs from our worship space down to the great hall and also re-doing the ramp up to the altar and administrative office area to bring it into compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.  We will also be redoing the peaked part of the East Wall in the Sanctuary because it has begun leaking and we want to stop any further damage and repair the existing damage.  

Organ Fund 

Our EM Skinner organ is an amazing instrument that is almost 100 years old.  We have had it at Church of the Ascension since the 1960's.  Because this is a pipe organ, it requires regular maintenance.  Currently, we are needing to do some organ repairs to fix some keys that aren't playing as well as stops that are not working.  This repair will cost approximately $35,000.  And in five years we are planning to have the entire organ restored which will entail dismantling each of the 3,000+ pipes, cleaning each pipe, cleaning the chambers where the pipes live, and then putting it all back together.  A lot of dust can collect over fifty years and the organ will have a much cleaner and richer sound after this is done.  A conservative estimate for this project is $1,250,000.

Rector's Discretionary Fund

On the first Sunday of each month, all unpledged income is designated to the rector's discretionary account.  The rector uses these funds to provide emergency help to those in need, to pay for youth to go to diocesan activities, to support the Care Closet, to help parishioners attend workshops, to help pay for the New Americans' Thanksgiving Dinner, and other unfunded neighborhood initiatives that s/he feels it is appropriate to support.

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