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Ascension Youth Choir

If you love music and are in grades 3 through 10, The Church of the Ascension Youth Choir is for you!  Join us for rehearsal to make new friends, learn to sing together, and have lots of fun! 


AYC learns and performs a diverse and educationally enriching repertoire ranging from traditional sacred hymns to gospel and folk tunes at venues across the Greater Rochester community.  Best of all, our program is free of charge. Our team of star volunteers and staff works tirelessly to make sure AYC is accessible to any interested student. 


For more information on enrolling in our program, or with questions on accommodations for your family (transportation or otherwise), please email or call the church office.

The AYC team would like to thank all of our donors for making this ministry possible.  If you are interested in making a contribution to our program, please contact our church office at (585) 458-5423.


Blessings - we are grateful for you!

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