Carpenter's Kids

The Carpenter’s Kids program was founded in 2005 as a partnership between the Anglican Diocese of Central Tanganyika and the Episcopal Diocese of New York. “Carpenter’s Kids” are Tanzanian HIV/AIDs orphans and other vulnerable children who are selected by a screening panel to be sponsored for primary education.

The aim of the program is to ensure that fifty children per village  receive a school uniform, backpack, socks, a pair of shoes, breakfast every morning, and adequate school supplies so that they can, at a minimum, complete primary education.  Educating fifty people per village with basic reading and math skills can drastically improve the opportunities for the entire village.

Mother Dahn has traveled to Tanzania annually for nearly 10 years. She preaches in the partner villages of Chimuli and Mahoma Makulu.  She cherishes the friendships that have been forged. In 2012, she partnered with the village of Kongogo to bring fresh water to the area by raising $25,000 to facilitate the digging of a borehole 300 feet deep to access cold, clean water. There has since been installed a tap and a 20,000 liter storage tank.  She returned in August of 2016 to check on the progress of the distribution lines to connect taps to the church, the village school, and the community trough for the 4,000+ cows and goats owned by the local farmers.