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 Dear Friends - an invitation for you!

We know that a warm and inviting Welcome is what many recall when they first "Come and See".

Sunday, September 28, will be a day to welcome new Ascension friends - and a homecoming for those who know

the way to our corner at Lake and Riverside. 

Many of us
remember the warm greetings when we first stepped through the doors of Ascension.  Early impressions really do

count. In her sermon yesterday, Rev. Dahn preached on

welcoming as a way to open the arms of the Church.  As

The Rev. Michael Hopkins taught us, "Hospitality is Job One".  Bishop Prince Singh always emphasizes Radical Hospitality.  

Please accept this invitation - and also invite friends and

family members - first, to attend church next Sunday - and

then, to stay for the luncheon and fellowship after the 10 AM service.  Special thanks to volunteers Nancy Turchetti, Judy Soscia and Angel, who are leading in preparation of the lunch.

See you then!